Housebreaking Tips for Yorkies

Housebreaking your new Yorkie can be a tedious process. One way to train your puppy is the crate train method.

This method starts by having a set schedule, where your puppy either goes to the bathroom in the crate or is allowed specific times to go outside. Most dogs will not eliminate in their sleeping area.

The key is to create a schedule and stick to it. You will want to use positive reinforcement when your Yorkie goes in the correct place and never use harsh methods to correct, this will scare your pup and be counter-productive in the housebreaking process. Remember your Yorkie is a new pup and needs to learn this process with your help.

It is also important to know that most Yorkie pups can't hold their bladder all night long, if your Yorkie pup starts to cry in the middle of the night, the pup may need to go outside to eliminate.

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